Reading family of Birmingham and S E London


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Albert Edward Smith
1875144Mile End, Middlesex, England0
Annie Elsie Smith (Hall)
November 28, 1897121Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, England7January 13, 19754477Newcastle
Charles Smith
1846173Stratford, Essex11January 189412548Mile End Old Town, Middlesex
Charles Alfred Smith
1882137Mile End Old Town0
Elizabeth Smith
June 3, 18082110
Elizabeth Smith
1799220Mile End Old Town, Stepney, London0187414575Mile End Old Town
Elizabeth Eliza Smith (Reading)
January 9, 1896123Stepney, London, England2April 4, 19447548Greenwich, Kent
Elizabeth Ellen Smith
about 1866153Bath, Somerset, England4
Elizabeth Sarah Smith
1877142Mile End, Middlesex, England0
Ethel Leona Smith
Ethel Smith
September 27, 1900
about 1901
118Perth, Ontario, Canada
8June 20, 19348433Listowel, Perth, Ontario, Canada
Ethel Leona Smith
Ethel Smith
September 27, 1900
about 1901
Perth, Ontario, Canada
8June 20, 193433Listowel, Perth, Ontario, Canada
Florence Alice Smith (Sewell)
November 9, 1905113Mile End, Middlesex3December 22, 19754370The Royal London Hospital, Mile End, Stepney
Florence Alma Smith
January 19, 1901118Greater London, London, Middlesex, United Kingdom3May 8, 19883187West Croydon Sy
Florence Emma Smith
1873146Mile End, Middlesex, England0
George Charles Smith
1869150Mile End Old Town, Middlesex0
Henry Ernest Smith
1884135Mile End Old Town0
James Smith
January 10, 1803216West Ham, Middlesex1
James Frederick Smith
1879140Mile End Old Town, Middlesex0
James William Smith
March 14, 18062130
John Smith
John William Smith
1885134Mile End Old Town0
John William Smith
about 1893126Mile End London0
Lilian Frances Smith
March 10, 1873146Whitechapel, London, England3June 19596086Hendon, Middlesex, England
Lilian Jane Smith
1880139Mile End Old Town, Middlesex0July 18821362Mile End Old Town, London
Lillian Sofley Smith
November 11, 1893125Hull, Yorkshire, England9March 19744580Hull, Yorkshire East Riding, England
Louisa Mary Smith
1872147Mile End, Middlesex, England0
Margaret Smith
about 1811208York, Yorkshire, England1188013969Lambeth Kennington, London, England
Mary Smith
Mary (Alchorne)
about 1801218Middlesex, England5
Richard Leonard Smith
July 24, 18961220
Rose Violet Smith
October 28, 192197Rotherhithe, London220031681Stevenage, Herfordshire
Samuel Smith
about 1868151Bourn Cambridgeshire4
Sophia Sarah Smith
1894125Stepney0October 18991195London, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Thomas Long Smith
April 13, 1868151Mile End Old Town619437674Hampstead, Middlesex, England