Reading family of Birmingham and S E London


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Audrey Violet Russell
November 21, 192296Inverell, New South Wales, Australia1August 19, 20031580Sydney, New South Wales
Beryl Eva Russell
1922972May 27, 19952473
Catherine Russell
Cecil V Russell
1896123Maitland, New South Wales, Australia0
Cecily Mary Russell
1887132Dungog, NSW, Australia1October 30, 1936824935 Kensington Avenue Mortlake, NSW, Australia
Charles Gladstone George Russell
April 3, 1892127East Maitland, Newcastle, NSW1May 31, 19289136Wickham, Newcastle, NSW
Edward J Melville Russell
1913106019141051Portland New South Wales
Elizabeth Russell
1817202Lambeth, Surrey12February 7, 188913072Erith, Kent
Ella Mavis Russell
February 23, 1908111Wallerawang, New South Wales1June 2, 19992091Sydney, New South Wales
Emma J Russell
1885134Dungog, NSW018851340New South Wales
Ena Merle Russell
June 13, 1911108Portland, New South Wales0March 12, 20031691
Eva Mary Myrtle Russell
October 16, 1905113Wallerawang, New South Wales2June 6, 19685162
Francis Charles Russell
December 20, 1867151Dungog, New South Wales, Australia8December 7, 1946727829 Polding St, Drummoyne, NSW
George Oliver Russell
April 20, 1861158Dungog, New South Wales, Australia0July 22, 19289067Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Harold (Harry) Russell
August 26, 1936820July 24, 2009972Biggera Waters, Qld, Australia
Harold Noel Russell
December 24, 1896122Prospect, New South Wales, Australia0November 5, 19892992Turramurra, New South Wales, Australia
Henry (Harry) Michael Russell
May 12, 1901118Dungog, NSW4June 29, 19645463Campsie, Sydney, NSW
Hugh Russell
July 26, 19011170April 29, 191910017
Irene J Russell
1894125Maitland, NSW0
James Russell
April 3, 1870149Dungog, New South Wales, Australia5November 2, 1960
5890Narrabeen, New South Wales, Australia
Petersham, NSW
James Russell
April 20, 1861158Dungog, New South Wales, Australia0July 3, 18611570Dungog, New South Wales, Australia
Jane Ann Russell
July 17, 1865153Dungog, New South Wales, Australia6October 14, 19388073Mayfield, New South Wales
John Russell
1790229Lambeth, Surrey3January 24, 184017950Lambeth
John (Thomas) Russell
1816203Lambeth, London, England11May 27, 190811192Dungog, NSW, Australia
John (twin) Russell
July 10, 193880Sydney, New South Wales, Australia0February 28, 19922753Wyong, New South Wales, Australia
John Francis Russell
April 13, 1892127Dungog, NSW0May 26, 19645572St Leonards, Sydney
John Thomas Russell
April 2, 1855164Dungog, New South Wales, Australia7October 3, 19249469Downey Street, Bexley, NSW, Australia
Joseph Alphonsus Russell
November 12, 1896122Dungog, NSW7January 24, 19902993Sydney, New South Wales
Joseph Lawrence Russell
August 16, 192395New South Wales, Australia1August 28, 19605837Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Katie Agnes Russell
January 6, 1899120Dungog, New South Wales, Australia5January 8, 19427743Mereweather, Newcastle, NSW
Keith Stanley Russell
December 16, 1899119Burwood, New South Wales, Australia0September 25, 19694969
Kenneth Joseph Russell
May 6, 194871Paddington, New South Wales, Australia020091060Qld, Australia
Lawrence Charles Russell
1903116Dungog, NSW0191310610Petersham, Sydney, NSW
Lorna Russell
March 30, 1898121New South Wales019605961
Marcus Kitchener Russell
April 30, 1915104Portland New South Wales019823766
Martha Russell
January 1819200Lambeth, Middlesex, England0
Mary Cecilia Russell
July 6, 1905113Singleton, NSW220041598Forestville NSW
May Alice Russell
May 4, 192198Inverell, New South Wales, Australia0April 26, 20011879Auburn, New South Wales, Australia
Mercia Elizabeth Russell
April 30, 19151040June 10, 20031688Sydney, New South Wales
Michael Augustus Russell
March 6, 1874145Dungog, New South Wales, Australia0June 2, 19556481
Neville I Russell
1917102019171020Portland, New South Wales
Patrick Russell
July 2, 1932860December 14, 2009977Sydney New South Wales Australia
Patrick Henry Russell
December 10, 1859159Dungog, New South Wales, Australia7April 1, 19398079Little Sisters of the Poor home, Randwick, NSW, Australia
Stella Maud Russell
1884135Dungog, NSW, Australia319556471Sydney
Thomas Russell
Lambeth, Surrey1
Walter James Russell
1894125Dungog, NSW0November 1, 191810024Tidworth, Wiltshire
Walter Patrick Russell
January 21, 1857162Dungog, New South Wales, Australia0February 22, 19219864Wingham, New South Wales, Australia
William Henry Russell
May 23, 1863156Dungog, New South Wales, Australia0August 30, 188413421West Maitland, New South Wales, Australia
William Joseph Patrick Russell
1890129Dungog, NSW0190811118Singleton, NSW