Reading family of Birmingham and S E London


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Albert Bowman
January 1, 1895124Charlton, London0January 1, 19704975Woolwich
Annie Maria Bowman
August 15, 1867151Mile End Old Town, Middlesex0
Benjamin Bowman
August 21, 1822196Bow, Middlesex9November 188113759Mile End Old Town, London, England
Benjamin Bowman
February 7, 1855164Saint Dunstan, Stepney, England0
Caroline Bowman
November 17, 186315511 Mapps Row, Stepney, Mile End, Middlesex8January 19516887692 Woolwich Rd, Charlton, Kent
Caroline Bowman
May 1830189Mile End Old Town, Stepney, Middlesex, England8January 189012959Mile End Old Town, London, United Kingdom
Caroline Ann Bowman
February 7, 1851168Mile End Old Town Middlesex England0
Caroline Ann Bowman
May 5, 1865154Mile End Old Town, Middlesex0March 19447578Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Caroline Eliza Bowman
Caroline Eliza Bowman
February 15, 1898121Charlton, London1November 1, 197543771 New Villas, Western Av, Polegate, East Sussex
Caroline Eliza Bowman
Caroline Eliza Bowman
February 15, 1898Charlton, London1November 1, 1975771 New Villas, Western Av, Polegate, East Sussex
Eliza Bowman
November 16, 1856162Stepney, Middlesex8June 19388181Maidstone, Kent, England
Elizabeth Bowman
April 15, 1854165Stepney, Middlesex7December 20, 19328678Caufield, Melbourne, Australia
Elizabeth Bowman
December 21, 1852166Stepney Middlesex England4October 190211649Whitechapel, London
Emily Bowman
September 10, 1856162Stepney Middlesex England6Stepney Middlesex England
Emily Sophia Bowman
1853166Saint Dunstan, Stepney0January 18541651Stepney, London
Ernest David Bowman
November 21, 1911107Greater London, Kent, London, United Kingdom0March 22, 19794067Bexley Heath Kent
George Bowman
1852167Stepney, Middlesex0
John Bowman
February 17, 1859160St Georges, Middlesex, England0
Kathleen Iris C Bowman DNA
October 21, 193484Greenwich, Greater London3February 20051470Bath and North East Somerset, Somerset, EnglandApril 27, 2019 - 9:51:07 a.m.
Leonard Bowman
February 15, 1866153Stepney, Middlesex9January 19239656Woolwich, Kent
Maria Elizabeth Bowman
1849170Stepney119378288Victoria, Australia
Mary Ann Bowman
December 1, 1845173Stepney, Middlesex11November 29, 190411458Mile End Old Town
Rosina Bowman
December 24, 18611572 Alfred Street, Stepney, Middlesex, England7June 19388176Stepney, London, England
Roy George Jack William Bowman
July 4, 193979Woolwich, Greater London1January 27, 2011871Morden, Surrey, England
Sarah Bowman
February 24, 1825194Bow, Middlesex0
Sarah Ann Bowman
April 23, 1844175Union St, Stepney8April 6, 191110866Darwin, NT
Sidney Herbert Bowman
Sidney H Bowman
July 13, 1903115Greater London, Kent, London, United Kingdom0July 11, 19625658Abbey Wood
Sidney Herbert Bowman
Sidney H Bowman
July 13, 1903Greater London, Kent, London, United Kingdom0July 11, 196258Abbey Wood
Sophia Eliza Bowman
December 21, 1891127Millwall, London1June 19546562Greenwich, London, England
Thomas Bowman
May 24, 1820199Bromley, Middlesex7March 189412573Gt Yarmouth
Thomas Bowman
about 1791228Middlesex, England5
Thomas Bowman
1849170Mile End Old Town, London, England0December 191810069Poplar, London, England
Thomas George Bowman
April 4, 1848171London, Middlesex, United Kingdom0October 18481700Stepney, London, United Kingdom
Thomas Smith Bowman
June 6, 1856163Saint Dunstan, Stepney018571620Saint Dunstan, Stepney
William Bowman
September 9, 1827191Stepney, Middlesex5May 21, 190111873Woolwich, Kent
William George Bowman
March 4, 19091103May 19863377Southampton
William Thomas Bowman
July 15, 1860158Stepney, Middlesex0September 20, 1867151711 Green Street, MEOT