Reading family of Birmingham and S E London

Reading Family

Reading Family

This tree contains what is currently known about the Reading family, originally from Birmingham then South and South East London as well as associated families (Bowman, Smith & Clark)

The earliest proven Reading ancestry was Joseph Reading born about 1785 in Birmingham (according to the 1851 census and his admittance records for Bethlam Hospital). In 1841 his wife, Ann died in London but was she his first/only wife and the mother of David and Amos or was she a 2nd or subsequent wife? The Ann who died in 1841 was definitely the wife of Joseph as she is described as such and Amos Reading was the informant. What hasn't yet been found is the birth place of either David or Amos, nor the names of their three siblings. Joseph Reading told the Bethlam Hospital on admittance that he had 5 children with the youngest being of the same age as Amos was at the time. A marriage for a Joseph Reading to and Ann Goulding in Birmingham is included as "it fits" but is entirely quesswork.

The Bowman family of Stepney/West Ham are a recurring thread running through this tree with descendants in England as well as a large number in Australia. I have three descents from a Bowman and those have recently been proved using DNA.

If you are related to anyone in this tree and have other information please feel free to e-mail me, the system should alert me to the receipt of e-mails but that hasn't proved very efficient in the last year.



Janet James

Welcome to my Third Cousin Janet James

A good indication of what DNA will do, even if it got us as 4th cousins or more distant

The Reading descendants in New Zealand

Following a DNA match with a man in Utah who descends from a John Brown Reading who emigrated from Birmingham to Wellington. New Zealand in 1840 I have developed a tree of that family (see Family Trees on menu and then Reading/Redding).

I now have another DNA match with the same family so I'm now convinced that both families have a common ancestor back in the middle 1700s the task now is to find out where and who. The current relationships according to DNA very distant with very small cM matches and only in one segment.

Onwards ......


Gordon Harry White

It is with deep regret I have to announce the death of my second cousin, Gordon Harry White, on 26th April 2019.

Penny and I saw Gordon at his daughter's house on Monday 22nd April 2019.

Our sympathies are with Susan and the family.

Rest in Peace Gordon.


Welcome to my Cousins

Welcome to my cousins

Gordon, Debbie & Lynn

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Reading family of Birmingham and S E London
DNA News
January 1, 2019 - 10:35:52 a.m.

Without revealing the names of living persons I hope to keep up with developments with DNA matches.

So far we have a distant match with a descendant of the Reading family who emmigrated from Birmingham in the 1840 to Wellington, New Zealand (the very early settlers there) and later members of the family became Mormons and went to the US. The known tree of the Birmingham Readings overlaps with Joseph Reading's birth in Birmingham but the connection is unknown.

An educated quess some years ago making two Bowman ancestors siblings has, to my acceptance, been proven by separate DNA results. A previously unknown 2nd cousin appeared as a DNA match (RH) related to me via my grandmother's family. A look at shared DNA matches showed a match between RH and another 2nd cousin, GW. However GW is related via my grandfather's family. The match between GW & RH was at 4th cousin level. By drawing out sketch trees it was possible to go back along both lines until the 2 Bowman brothers appeared within the indicated degree of separation, in fact all 3 of us have 3 Bowman descents so GW & RH are both 4th cousins and 4th cousins once removed. The oddities of DNA have thrown up that another DNA found 2nd cousin (CK) had matches with me and RH but not with GW even though the degree of separation is the same!

December 30, 2018 - 10:07:38 p.m.

December 2018

This tree has been updated by importing a GEDCOM from my tree.

There are changes brought in from ancestry with a possibility to search for DNA connections, although they will be hidden from most viewers due to them being alive. To search just enter DNA in the name search box top right, remember that the search produces any name where the string "dna" appears.

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