Family History

This is the portal to the family history data. The various trees are held in WebTrees.

There are a number of trees on both websites, those here being the main ones for the Reading family. Below are listed the trees and clicking on one will take you straight to that tree. Clicking on WebTrees will take you to the Welcome page from which you can choose the tree you want to look at.

Reading family of Birmingham and S E London – my father’s tree
Jones and Rees families – my mother’s tree
Britten family of Northamptonshire & London – Penny’s father’s tree
Swyer family of Dorset and SE London – Penny’s mother’s family

When at the tree you want you can find the person you are interested in by entering a name in the box in the top right of the display and then hit enter or click on the search tab.

It is also possible to click on the default person to go to close to the bottom of the tree, ie my father or mother.